EE308, Microcontrollers

No: EE 308, EE 308L
Title: Microcontrollers, and Lab
Credits: 4
Structure/Schedule: Three 50 minute lectures and one 3 hour laboratory per week
Designation: Required

CSE 113 (Introduction to Programming)
EE 231 and EE 231L (Digital Electronics and Lab)

EE 308 and EE 308L are co-requisites of each other

Catalog Description: Introduction to microcontrollers. Elementary assembly- and C-language programming, bus structures, parallel and serial interfaces, support devices. Using logic analyzers and disassemblers in circuit testing. Using microcontrollers in measurement and control applications.

Topics Covered:
• Introduction to the MC9S12 Microcontroller
• Binary and hexadecimal numbers
• Assembly language programming, subroutines, use of the stack
• C language programming
• Using MC9S12 internal peripherals
 - Parallel I/O, timer, PWM, A/D, serial communications
• Using interrupts - C and assembly languages
• The MC9S12 expanded mode
 - Address and data buses and timing
 - Adding memory and external peripherals
 - Interfacing to the MC9S12
• Using the MC9S12 in a control application

Textbook: (Required) Freescale data sheets for MC9S12 microcontroller and on-line class notes

Computer usage: C and Assembly Language programming using the CodeWarrior IDE