EE 322, Advanced Electronics

Course number and name: EE 322, Advanced Electronics

Credits and contact hours: 4 credits, 3 class hours, 3 lab hours

Specific course information:

  • Brief description of the content of the course:
    • Applications in analog electronics. Topics include timing and switching circuits, power supply techniques, active filters, switched capacitor circuits, oscillators, and phase-locked loops.
  • Prerequisites or Co-requisites:
    • Prerequisite: EE 321(Analog Electronics)
    • Prerequisite: EE 341(Signals and Linear Systems)
    • Co-requisites: None
  • Indicate whether a required or elective course in the program:
    • Selected Elective for Electrical Engineering

Specific goals for the course:

  • Specific Outcomes addressed by the course:
    • Apply basic concepts from previous courses to practical analog circuits and techniques.
    • Learn circuit design principles, component choices, and good experimental technique through laboratory exercises
    • Get exposed to selected practical circuits
    • Learn how to select the best circuit component for a particular application.
    • Be able to use a new circuit or IC correctly after reading the data sheet.
  • Student Outcomes addressed by the course:
    • This course is not directly used as part of the electrical engineering departmentís student learning outcomes assessment program.

Brief list of topics to be covered:

  • Linear voltage regulators
  • Switching voltage regulators
  • Interference and grounding
  • Noise in circuits
  • Oscillators and comparators
  • Timers
  • Active filters
  • Phase-locked loops
  • Feedback op-amps and stability
  • Differential amplifiers