EE352, Microcomputer Interfacing

No: EE 352
Title: Microcomputer Interfacing
Credits: 2
Designation: Elective

EE 308 and EE 308L (Microcontrollers and Lab)

Co-requisites: None

Catalog Description: Design of hardware and software for microcomputer interfacing. Bus signals and timing. Interrupt and direct memory access handling. Students will design, build, program, and test a simple interface card for a common microcomputer bus.

Topics Covered:
• The PC Parallel Port
• Introduction to Linux
• Using C to Interact with PC Hardware
• The PC ISA Bus Hardware and Timing
• Design of a PC Interface Card
• Linux device drivers without interrupts
• Linux device drivers with interrupts

Linux Device Drivers, 2nd Edition, Alessandro Rubini & Jonathan Corbet, O\'Reilly Media ,2001
The Indispensable PC Hardware Book, 3rd edition, Hans-Peter Messmer, Addison-Wesley, 1997
Interfacing to the IBM Personal Computer, 2nd edition by Lewis Eggebrecht, SAMS, 1990

Computer usage: Yes