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EE212, Circuits and Signals II

No: EE212
Title: Circuits and Signals II, and Lab
Credits: 4 cr.
Structure/Schedule: Three 50 minute lectures and one 3 hour laboratory per week

Designation: Required

EE 211 (Circuits and Signals I)

EE 212 and EE 212L are co-requisites of each other

Catalog Description: Continuation of EE211, Laplace transform techniques, transient response, steady-state sinusoidal response, and frequency response of RLC circuits

Topics Covered:
• Power in the sinusoidal steady-state
• Analysis of three phase systems
• Mutual inductance and Transformers
• Resonance
• Bode plots (analysis and synthesis)
• Definition of the Laplace transform and its properties
• s-domain circuit analysis
• Network transfer function analysis and design
• Fourier Series
• Introduction to Fourier transform

Textbook: (Required) Elementary Linear Circuit Analysis, (2nd edition), Leonard Bobrow, Oxford University Press, 1995

Computer usage: MATLAB introduction

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