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EE321, Analog Electronics

No: EE 321, EE 321L
Title: Analog Electronics, and Lab
Credits: 4
Structure/Schedule: Three 50 minute lectures and one 3 hour laboratory per week
Designation: Required

EE 212 and EE 212L (Circuits and Signals II and Lab)
PHYS 122 (General Physics II) or 222(General Physics II)

EE 321 and EE 321L are co-requisites of each other

Catalog Description: Basic principles and use of operational amplifiers, diodes, field-effect transistors, and bipolar junction transistors in electronic circuits.

Topics Covered:
• Amplifiers
• Operational amplifiers
• PN junction
• Diodes
• Zener diodes
• Field Effect Transistors
• Bipolar Junction Transistors

Textbook: (Required) Microelectronics Circuits, 5th edition, Adel S. Sedra & Kenneth C. Smith, Oxford University Press, 2007

Computer usage: PSpice

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