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EE322, Advanced Electronics

No: EE 322, EE 322L
Title: Analog Electronics II, and Lab
Credits: 4
Structure/Schedule: Three 50 minute lectures and one 3 hour laboratory per week
Designation: Elective

EE 231 and 231L (Digital Electronics, and Lab)
EE 321 and 321L (Analog Electronics, and Lab)
EE 341 (Signals and Linear Systems)

EE 322 and EE 322L are co-requisites of each other

Catalog Description: Applications in analog electronics. Topics include timing and switching circuits, power supply techniques, active filters, switched capacitor circuits, oscillators, and phase-locked loops.

Topics Covered:
• Linear voltage regulators
• Switching voltage regulators
• Interference and grounding
• Noise in circuits
• Oscillators and comparators
• Timers
• Active filters
• Phase-locked loops
• Feedback op-amps and stability
• Differential amplifiers

Microelectronics Circuits, 5th edition, Adel S. Sedra & Kenneth C. Smith, Oxford University Press, 2007
The Art of Electronics, Second edition, Paul Horowitz and Winfield Hill, Cambridge University Press.
Op Amps For Everyone, September 2001 edition, Ron Mancini.

Computer usage: PSpice

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