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EE333, Electricity and Magnetism

No: EE 333
Title: Electricity and Magnetism
Credits: 3
Structure/Schedule: Three 50 minute lectures per week
Designation: Required

MATH 332 (Vector Analysis)
PHYS 122 (General Physics II) or PHYS 222 (General Physics II)

Co-requisites: None

Catalog Description: Electric and magnetic fields in free space and in matter. Energy storage as a function of field quantities and the relation of this to capacitance and inductance. Maxwell's equations applied to simple electrostatic and magnetostatic problems, plane waves, and transmission lines. Transient and sinusoidal steady state solutions of uniform transmission line problems modeled in terms of circuit parameters.

Topics Covered:
• Electric field produced by various charge distributions in free space and matter
• Magnetic field produced by current distributions in free space and matter
• Forces and torques on charges and current carrying structures due to electric and magnetic fields
• Energy storage in electric and magnetic fields, and relation to capacitance and inductance
• Electromagnetic wave propagation in free space and matter
• Wave and transient propagation along two-conductor transmission lines

Textbook: (Required) Electromagnetic Fields and Waves, Magdy F. Iskander, Waveland Press, 2000

Computer usage: None

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Fall 2008