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EE434, Electromagnetic Wave Transmission and Radiation

No: EE 434
Title: Electromagnetic Wave Transmission and Radiation
Credits: 3
Structure/Schedule: Three 50 minute lectures per week
Designation: Required

EE 333 (Electricity and Magnetism)

Co-requisites: None

Catalog Description: Reflection and refraction of plane waves at planar interfaces. The propagation characteristics of metallic and dielectric waveguides with particular emphasis on fiber optics. Radiation from linear current elements and planar apertures and arrays of these elements. Analysis of simple communication links.

Topics Covered:
• Normal and oblique incidence reflection and transmission at interfaces
• Waveguides
• Antennas and antenna arrays

Textbook: (Required) Electromagnetic Fields and Waves, Magdy F. Iskander, Waveland Press, 2000

Computer usage: None

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Spring 2008