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Below is a list of all the electrical engineering classes offered. Following each link will take you expanded information about the class.

EE481, Senior Design Project I

No: EE 481, EE 481L
Title: Senior Design Project I, and Lab
Credits: 3
Structure/Schedule: One-50 minute and two 3 hour sessions per week during which lectures by instructor, presentations by students and work on projects occur
Designation: Required

EE 382 (Introduction to Design)
Have declared electrical engineering as a major

Co-requisites: None

Catalog Description: Student design teams begin an academic year long capstone design project under the supervision of a faculty advisor. Each team may undertake a different project and will build a team, determine design requirements, perform detailed planning, identify project needs and establish goals leading toward the successful completion of the project. Periodic design reviews and reports, applications of engineering skills, project management and formal presentations are major components of the program. Successful completion of the project requires the application of electronics, applied physics, numerical computation, signal processing and other electrical engineering techniques to real-world engineering problems.

Topics Covered:
• Design process
• Project management
• Testing and evaluation
• Team work
• Lifelong learning
• Engineering ethics
• Contemporary issues
• Reports and presentations as part of design process

Textbook: (Optional) Art of War, Sun Tzu

Computer usage: Software and platforms as selected by students

Past course web sites:
Fall 2009
Fall 2008