Welcome to Electrical Engineering at New Mexico Tech

The Electrical Engineering Department at New Mexico Tech blends a strong undergraduate program with an active research based graduate program to provide its graduates with the fundamental and technical education needed by engineers in a technology driven world.

Academic Programs

Undergraduate Studies

The undergraduate electrical engineering degree program is ABET accredited and includes courses in digital logic, microcontrollers, digital signal processors, electricity and magnetism, communications, optics, robotics, semiconductors, design and a strong mathematics and general science curriculum.

Graduate Studies

The graduate electrical engineering program provides students with unique research opportunities due to its close association with many research facilities. These facilities include Energetic Materials Research Testing Center, Langmuir Laboratory, Magdalena Ridge Observatory, National Radio Astronomy Observatory, Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology and Institute for Complex Additive Systems; all easily accessible from campus. These facilities can provide opportunities for students to participate in research related to leading scientific and engineering projects and allow them to achieve highly desired educational and research experiences.

For more complete information about our programs, please see the New Mexico Tech Catalog.

Contact info

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Workman Center, Room 215

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NMT Electrical Engineering Dept.
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Phone: (575) 835-5330
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Email: teel@ee.nmt.edu