Dr. Hector Erives, P.E.

Associate Professor

Office: Workman 209
Research Lab: 212
Phone: 575-835-5932
Fax: 575-835-5332

B.S., Electronics and Industrial Engineering, Instituto Tecnologico de Chihuahua, Mexico
M.S., Industrial Engineering, University of Texas
Ph.D., Electrical Engineering, New Mexico State University

Research Interests:
Hyperspectral sensor calibration
Multi- Hyper- and Ultraspectral data analysis
3-D Hyperspectral imaging
Active optics-based image registration

My research interests are in the use of spectrocopy sensors and spectral image analysis for a wide range of remote sensing and close range non-contact inspection applications. Related areas to this topic are the integration and calibration of 3-D hyperspectral instrumentation -i.e. an instrument capable of providing hyperspectral imagery (hypercubes)and range measurements (3-D information), non-rigid image registration (a current research topic is the implementation of an active optics-based real-time registration method), image calibration and analysis, and intelligent multi-wavelength inspection systems.