Computer Network Usage Policy

Account Policies

  • EE accounts will be provided free of charge to EE faculty, EE majors, NMT students taking an EE class and students/faculty that have sufficient reason.
  • The EE department reserves the right to create, delete, search and/or disable any account at any time.
  • The owner of the account is responsible for all data stored in the account.
  • Accounts may not contain data which may be deemed illegal or offensive.
  • While efforts are made to ensure data security, ultimately it is the users responsibility for backing up and retaining important files. The EE Department is not responsible for lost data.
  • Accounts may be used for
    • Hosting a personal web page
    • Storing EE related user files
    • Storing personal user files
    • Remote logins

Usage Policies

  • The EE network is available for use by any individual associated with Electrical Engineering at NMT.
  • The EE network is to be used primarily for completing labs, homework and other school related tasks. Personal use is also allowed but not given priority. Personal users should surrender their computer to anyone doing academic work.
  • The following uses of the EE Network are allowed but may be limited
    • Chat/messaging is allowed as long as a web-based solution is used. Installation of chat/messaging software is not allowed.
    • Web surfing is allowed as long as the content is not offensive.
    • The ability to play music and/or sound is present and allowed as long as headphones are used and the music/sound is not audible by others.
    • SSH is allowed to and from the EE network.
    • Checking/sending email is allowed. Use of the EE web mail is recommended.

Software Usage Policy

  • Users are NOT allowed to install, delete or modify any software without the permission of the System Administrator.

Hardware Usage Policy

  • Users are NOT allowed to open, move or modify any computer equipment without the permission of the System Administrator.

Please contact the lab manager if you have any questions.