Want a Website on geek.nmt.edu?

If you are new to creating web pages, please visit one of the following sites to learn the basics of html

Setting up a ~/www directory in your EE account

  1. Log into geek.nmt.edu
  2. To make a www directory, type
    mkdir ~/www
  3. To make the directory accessable to everyone, type
    chmod 755 ~/www

    All files in your ~/www directory must have at least 644 permissions (-rw-r--r--)

After you create a webpage, upload all the files to your ~/www directory. Once uploaded to the EE server, your home page will be accessable at

    http://geek.nmt.edu/~username (username refers to your EE login name)

Tip: It is easiest to create a home page on your personal computer then upload the files to the server.
Tip: Your main .html file must be named either index.html or homepage.html
Tip: It is best to make a ~/www/images directory to place pictures. It keeps your ~/www directory less cluttered.

Note: If you have any problems or questions, feel free to ask the lab manager for help.