Student Info

This page contains information for both current and future Electrical Engineering students. If there is something missing on this page that you would find useful, please email the webmaster.

Want a web site on

If you are new to creating web pages, please visit one of the following sites to learn the basics of html

Setting up a ~/www directory in your EE account

  1. Log into
  2. To make a www directory, type
    mkdir ~/www
  3. To make the directory accessable to everyone, type
    chmod 755 ~/www

    All files in your ~/www directory must have at least 644 permissions (-rw-r--r--)

After you create a webpage, upload all the files to your ~/www directory. Once uploaded to the EE server, your home page will be accessable at (username refers to your EE login name)

Tip: It is easiest to create a home page on your personal computer then upload the files to the server.
Tip: Your main .html file must be named either index.html or homepage.html
Tip: It is best to make a ~/www/images directory to place pictures. It keeps your ~/www directory less cluttered.

Note: If you have any problems or questions, feel free to ask the lab manager for help.