EE 321 Laboratory Exercises
Fall 2007 Schedule

Dr. Rene Arechiga (Monday)
(Workman 245,

Dr. Anders M. Jorgensen (Wednesday)
(Workman 227,

Please familiarize yourself with the the instructions and grading policy.

Notice that there is no class the week of labor day.

Lab numberTitleSection 1 date
Section 2 date
Data sheets
Lab 01Amplifiers, Biasing, and AC CouplingAug 27Aug 29LM 741
Lab 02Operational Amplifiers 1 - Frequency CharacteristicsSep 10Sep 12LF 411
Lab 03Operational Amplifiers 2 - Non-Ideal DC CharacteristicsSep 17Sep 19--
Lab 04Strain Gauges - Using Instrumentation AmplifiersSep 24Sep 26--
Lab 05Diodes 1 - The I-V Characteristics of DiodesOct 1Oct 31N4001, Zener diodes
Lab 06Diodes 2 - Rectifier CircuitsOct 8Oct 10--
Lab 07Diodes 3 - Diode and Zener Diode CircuitsOct 15Oct 17Zener diodes
Lab 08MOS Field Effect Transistors (MOSFET's) part 1Oct 22Oct 24--
Lab 09MOS Field Effect Transistors (MOSFET's) part 2 (Prelab)Oct 29Oct 31--
Lab 10Bipolar Junction Transistors part 1Nov 5Oct 72N3904, 2N3906
Lab 11Bipolar Junction Transistors part 2Nov 12Nov 7--
Lab 12Bipolar Junction Transistors 3 - A Two-stage BJT AmplifierNov 19Nov 21--
Lab 13Bipolar Junction Transistors 4 - AM Radio ReceiverNov 26Nov 28TIP31