EE 322 Laboratory Exercises
Spring 2009 Schedule

Dr. Anders M. Jorgensen
(Workman 227,

Please familiarize yourself with the the instructions and grading policy.

Lab numberTitleDateData sheets/
Lab 00PspiceJan 26--
Lab 01Linear voltage regulatorFeb 2LM 317
TIP 31
Lab 02Switching voltage regulatorFeb 9LM 3578A
Lab 03Sinusoidal waveform generatorsFeb 16--
Lab 04Comparators and waveform generatorsFeb 23LM 319
Lab 05555 TimerMar 2LM 555
LMC 555
Mar 9--
Lab 06Using Matlab to investigate filter transfer functionsMar 16Bessel filter table
Lab 07Voltage-controlled voltage source active filtersMar 23--
Lab 08Phase-locked loops and PM demodulationMar 3074HC_HCT4046A_CNV_2
Lab 09NoiseApr 6Noise homework
Lab 10Current vs. bandwidth and current feedback operational amplifiersApr 13LM 6181
Chapter 8 in
Op-amps for everyone
Lab 11A simple discrete-component operational amplifier
(Two weeks)
Apr 20CA 3086
Apr 27
Catch up week
May 4--