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2 Lab

  1. Place a block of 8 DIP switches on your breadboard, see Figure 3.
  2. Connect each lead on one side to VCC.
  3. Put a 1k resistor from each of the leads on the other side to ground. Also on this side, place a row of 8 pin headers so that you have outputs from all of these switches.

  4. Use Figure 6 for the pin labels.

  5. Now that you have all the hardware setup. Design the BCD-to-seven-segment decoder and test it using different inputs using the dip switches.
  6. Implement your multiplexer program that you developed in the prelab.

Figure 3: Dip switches

Figure 4: MAX II micro board

Figure 5: MAX II micro board with pin headers

Figure 6: I/O map of prototyping areas

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