RC Helicopters

I have been flying remote control helicopters since January 2008. Building and flying these complex machines has been one of the most rewarding challenges I have undertaken. I started by learning to hover a small inexpensive model and have progressed to fairly aggressive aerobatic flight on larger, more powerful models. These days my skills encompass everything from simply flying around to tic-tocs to inverted flight to autorotations. I am by no means a pro but I can put on a good show and am not afraid to show off.


One part of the hobby I have greatly enjoyed is helping others. I truly enjoy teaching and problem solving, and that led me to develop a web site to help others. In November of 2009 I launched TJinTech in an attempt to host helpful info concerning the basics of batteries, charging, and many other electrical related topics associated with rc. I am very proud of what the site has become and how many people it has helped. In fact as of January 2017, the site has logged 1,020,937 sessions and 2,098,440 pageviews by 728,055 users from 225 countries!