Class schedule:

Specific course information:

  • Prerequisites or Co-requisites:
    • Prerequisite: EE 382 (Introduction to Design)
    • Prerequisite: Declared EE as a major
    • Co-requisites: None
  • Indicate whether a required or elective course in the program:
    • Required

    Brief list of topics to be covered:

    • Lecture
      • Problem definition
      • Safety and risk assessment
      • Review of design process & design ideation
      • Environmental & sustainability
      • Specification formulation within given constraints
      • Team building, organization and conflict resolution
      • Standards and patent searching
      • Codes and standards
      • Liability and ethics
      • Proof-of-concept methods
    • Laboratory
      • Prototyping
      • Troubleshooting
      • Specifying design requirements
      • Implementation of lecture topics
      • Resource allocation
    Key dates follow:

    Task  Description Due Date* Worth
    Mini Design Project Students will work in groups to develop a mini design project. Sept. 19 10%
    Project  Selection & Assignment Students will review projects and list them in their order of preference. - -
    Statement of Work Team builds a written SOW acceptable to customer, faculty advisor and student team. This will include a formalized timeline identifying work and distribution of work among team members. Oct 31 20%
    Conceptual Design Review Students will present their conceptual design for the project. This will take the form of an in class presentation followed by a written report. Dec. 2 Pres: 20% Report: 20%
    Peer Review Students will evaluate the work of their peers Dec. 2 30%

    *All dates are tentative.


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