EE 482-01

Senior Design Project II

First Class of the New Year is  

January 18, 2017

Instructors: Rene Arechiga and Hector Erives, Electrical Engineering Dept, New Mexico Tech.

Reference Textbooks:  

Checkered Flag Projects, Prentice Hall, Randolf and Posner. 

Art of War, Sun Tsu.

Location: Workman 109

Class Schedule: 

Regular class: MW.12:00 to 12:50 hrs (at Workman 109).  

Course Credit: 3 cr, 2 cl + 1 lab hrs.

Prerequisites: (successful completion of EE 481 req'd for EE 482).

Course Overview:  

This course is the capstone course in the Electrical Engineering program and is used to refine the student's design and project development skills through the application of engineering skills to a technically challenging project. The projects are of sufficient complexity that they cannot be completed by a single student in the allotted time thus requiring that a team approach be developed. As such students are both encouraged to apply and add to their technical knowledge while developing their team and management skills in solving a challenging 'real world' problem in electrical engineering. Projects are provided from a wide variety of sources and in the past have been submitted from NMT faculty, Magdalena Ridge Observatory, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Sandia National Laboratory, China Lake, National Instruments, and other companies.


Task  Description Due Date* Worth
Critical Design Review Teams will defend their project designs to class .

Critical Design Report and project evaluation

February 8
W 12 -13 pm

February 17


Weekly Presentations Teams are required to present updates on their projects using quad-charts (alternating presenters) During Wed. class 20%
Status Reports Teams will submit weekly status reports. Starts February 22, 2017  10%
Service Teams will participate in service activities to the EE department and Tech community. January to May 2017   5%
Final Presentation Teams will present their project and results at the annual Advisory Board meeting. A poster is presented. May 5, 2017
2 pm at Workman 101
Thesis Teams will submit their thesis. May 5, 2017 20%

*Due Dates and percentages are tentative.

On Mondays, the class will start with a discussion based on a quote chosen by students, from Sun Tsu's the Art of War, as it relates to the current state of the project.



A thesis is required from each group submitted as part of the EE-482.

Some Useful Links:

Myers-Briggs-Jung Personality Test

Art of War, Sun Tzu

Facilities Available:

The Senior Design Lab is available for use by students in the Senior Design courses. There are a limited number of computer stations, a diagnostic and soldering station in the room. There is a printer available for your use.

Please see Chris Pauli for computer access, equipment loans or general questions about the lab room. Senior Design students must not remove equipment from other laboratories to support their work without the permission of Chris or the laboratory instructor.


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