EE 212 Lab

Lab 14: High Pass RC and RLC Network

In labs ?? and ?? you built low pass RC and RLC networks. In this lab you will build high pass networks using the same circuit components. Before coming to lab determine how to reconfigure the components used in the earlier labs so that they will exhibit high pass characteristics.

  1. Measure the gain (magnitude and phase) from vin to vout of the RC high pass circuit you have designed. Take extra points in regions where the magnitude or phase change quickly. Compare your measured results with values calculated for your circuit.
  2. Does the cutoff frequency of this high pass filter (defined as the point where vout/vin equals 0.707 ) agree with your calculations?
  3. Build your high pass RLC network. Carefully measure and plot the gain and phase as in Part 2 (from about 0.01w0 to about 100 w0). How do you know when you are at the resonant frequency? Does the resonant frequency agree with the calculated value for your circuit elements? Does the gain at resonance agree with your calculations?
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