EE 231

Digital Electronics

Fall 2008

Instructor: Bob Bond; Office: 225 Workman; (505) 835-5411;

Schedule: 9:00 AM - 9:50 AM; M, W, F Workman 109

This course develops a basic understanding of digital logic design.  Since nearly all computation, signal processing, control, and communication equipment requires digital design, this course is critical in the development of a modern electrical engineer.  We will cover much of the information discussed in chapters 1 through 8 of the text by Mano & Ciletti.  Along the way the course will also look at some of the material from chapters 10 and 11.

Course structure:

Weekly homework will be assigned and will be due on Friday of each week.  This homework will be done on an individual basis.  There will be three tests plus a final with the final counting about 1.3 times the other tests. All of the tests will be structured to determine understanding of the material not to see if you remember a similar problem or can figure out which formula to plug into. This means that throughout the semester you must strive to understand the "why" not just the "how" in working homework and discussing examples. Short quizes may be given at any time, and any student may be called upon to discuss any assigned work. Working together is encouraged.  Helping each other is probably one of the best ways to find out if you really understand the material.  Since working together is encouraged, grading will not be curved (i.e. everyone could get A's or B's or alternatively D's and F's)

Laboratory Information