EE 212 Lab
Lab 8: Operational Amplifiers - Part II, Current-to-Voltage Amplifiers

Prelab 8

Data Sheet: LF356 JFET Input Operatonal Amplifiers (Please don't print whole data sheet)

In last week's lab, operational amplifier circuits were used to amplify voltages, i.e., convert a voltage into a bigger voltage. In this lab operational amplifier circuits will be utilized to convert a current to a voltage. The current of interest will come from optical and temperature sensors that produce an output current proportional to the incident light intensity or temperature. This sensor current is converted to a low impedance output voltage by means of a current-to-voltage amplifier configuration. It is noted that both sensors will need a bias voltage across them to operate properly.

1. Optical Detector

2. Temperature Sensor

3. Temperature Sensor with Bias Adjustment


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