EE 308
Formal Lab Report Style

The formal report should be typed, and all figures should be neatly drawn and labeled. The report will be due at the beginning of the next lab. Late reports will be accepted but the grade will be reduced 25% each lab period it is late; no grade will be reduced more than 50% (two or more weeks late will reduce the grade 50%).

The report should have the following parts:

  1. Title. This will include the title of the experiment, the date, your name, the name of the class (EE 308), your lab instructor's name, your lab day, and your lab partner's name (if you did the lab with a partner).

  2. Statement of Problem. A brief description of the purpose or goal of the lab.

  3. Hardware and/or Software Design. A discussion of your approach to the hardware and/or software, possible alternative choices if appropriate, a circuit diagram for the hardware, and program listings for the software. Include any pertinent information about problems with the design, debugging procedures, and modifications from your original design.

  4. Results. A description of your results. This may contain a timing diagram or oscilloscope display for hardware, and the output of your programs.

  5. Discussion. A discussion of your design and results if appropriate. How do the results compare to specs? To theory? Was something novel or unique about your approach? Given more time or another opportunity, would you have taken a different approach? Did you find something which wasn't in the handout which helped in your understanding of the material? Also, all comments on ways to improve the laboratory will be appreciated, whether on the individual experiments, the equipment setup, or the laboratory structure as a whole.

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