EE 308
Laboratory Grading Policy

In the laboratory sections, you will be required to keep a lab book and to write two formal reports on your labs. You must leave your lab book in the lab after your lab session. If you need your lab book before it is graded, you can get it from the resident ``lab rat.'' However, you should not remove your lab book from the lab until it is graded. The Wednesday section lab books will be graded and ready for pickup by Friday. The Thursday section lab books will be graded and ready for pickup by the following Monday.

The requirements for your lab books are outlined in the Laboratory Book Checklist handed out in class. You should do your prep work for the lab in your lab book before you come to your scheduled lab session. Your lab book grade will be divided into two parts: (i) preparation before the lab, and (ii) the official record of your work in the lab. Your lab grade will be determined as follows:

Remember that the lab is open until midnight and on the weekends. You are strongly encouraged to use this to prepare in advance. Also a lab TA or Chris Langley will be there to help out an hour before your lab session.

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