HC11 Interrupts

Interrupt Use Setup Enable Flag Clear Flag Vector (BUFFALO)
The following interrupts do not rely on the X or I bits of the CCR            
ILLOP Illegal Op Code         ILLOP_VEC
COP COP Failure   CONFIG[2]   Write 0x55 then 0xAA COP_VEC
          to COPRST CLM_VEC
CME Clock Monitor   OPTION[3]      
SWI Software Int None Always enabled     SWI_VEC
The folowing interrupt is not active unless the X bit of the CCR is clear            
XIRQ External Pin None Clear X bit in CCR     XIRQ_VEC
The following interrupts are not active unless the I bit of the CCR is clear            
IRQ External Pin Option[5] Clear I bit in CCR     IRQ_VEC
  on Ports B/C       R/W PORTCL  
RTI Periodic Int PACTL[1:0] TMSK2[6] TFLG2[6] Write 1 to TFLG2[6] RTI_VEC
TIC[1-4] Cature time TCTL2 TMSK1[3:0] TFLG1[3:0] Write 1 to Flag Bit TIC[1-4]_VEC
  of external pin PACTL[2] for IC4        
TOC1 Pulse width OC1M TMSK1[7] TFLG1[7] Write 1 to TFLG1[7] TOC1_VEC
  modulation of OC[2-5] OC1D        
TOC[2-5] Control output of TCTL1 TMSK1[6:3] TFLG1[6:3] Write 1 to TFLG1[6:3] TOC[5:2]_VEC
  external pins PACTL[2] for OC5        
TOF Periodic Int TMSK2[1:0] TMSK2[7] TFLG2[7] Write 1 to TFLG2[7] TOF_VEC
PAO Count 256 events on PACTL[6:4] TMSK2[5] TFLG2[5] Write 1 to TFLG2[5] PAO_VEC
  external pin (PA7)          
PA Count event on PACTL[6:4] TMSK2[4] TFLG2[4] Write 1 to TFLG2[4] PAIE_VEC
  external pin (PA7)          
SPI Synchronous Serial DDRD[5:2] SPCR[7] SPSR[7] Read SPSR SPI_VEC
    SPCR     R/W SPDR  
SCI Asynchronous Serial DDRC[1:0]        
TDRE Okay to send   SCCR2[7] SCSR[7] Read SCSR SCI_VEC
  new data       Write SCDR  
TC Transmit Complete   SCCR2[6] SCSR[6] Read SCSR SCI_VEC
          Write SCDR  
RDRF New Data Received   SCCR2[5] SCSR[5] Read SCSR SCI_VEC
          Read SCDR  
IDLE Idle-Line Detect   SCCR2[4] SCSR[4] Read SCSR SCI_VEC
          Read SCDR  
OR Overrun Error   SCCR2[3] SCSR[3] Read SCSR SCI_VEC
          Read SCDR  
NF Noise Flag   SCCR2[2] SCSR[2] Read SCSR SCI_VEC
          Read SCDR  
FE Framing Error   SCCR2[1] SCSR[1] Read SCSR SCI_VEC
          Read SCDR  

Last Updated on 5/1/98
By Bill Rison