EE 308 - LAB 1

Introduction to the HC12 Evaluation Board

This is a short lab to get you get familiar with your 68HC12 evaluation board, and to help you start preparing your board for future labs.

Open your HC12 box, and verify that the box is complete. Your box has a packing list showing what should be there.
The following steps will make sure your HC12 board works properly.
Connect your board to a 5-volt power supply. Make sure of the polarity of your power supply connections. Do not turn on the power yet.
To connect the board to your computer, connect the DB-9 female connector on your board with the DB-9 male cable at your computer station.
Start a Windows NT session on your computer (hit CTRL-ALT-DEL, login as "user" with no password). Double-click on the Win 3.11 Terminal icon. Make sure the communications parameters are set to COM2, 9600 baud, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, no parity and no flow control.
Have your lab instructor or TA verify that your board is connected correctly. Then power up your EVBU. You should see some text indicating that you are running D-Bug 12 on your EVBU.
Type "RD" to display the contents of the HC12's registers. Record the result in you lab book.
In future labs you will need to connect wires to the pins of your HC12 chip. To do this you will have to solder headers to your board. Get the required headers from your instructor or TA, and have him/her show how to put in your headers, and how to solder them. After soldering a few pins have your instructor check your work. Finish soldering the headers onto your board.
Repeat Part 2 of the lab above to make sure you did not short out some pins when you did your soldering.

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Fri Jan 19 1999

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