EE 333

Homework Assignment 5
Due Sept. 26, 1997

  1. It is important to be able to quickly find the wavelength of a signal on a transmission line when you use the Smith chart. Show that

    lambda = 1/(f C' Zo) = co/(f sqrt(er))

    where co is the speed of light in vacuum, and er is the relative dielectric constant of the dielectric between the conductors.

  2. A 10 meter long RG-58A transmission line (Zo = 50 ohms, C' = 29.6 pF/m) is connected to an antenna with a load impedance of 75 - j 33 ohms. The line is driven with a frequency of 100 MHz.
    1. Find the reflection coefficient.
    2. Find the standing wave ratio.
    3. Find the input impedance at the generator end of the transmission line.
    4. Find the input admittance at the generator end of the transmission line.
  3. Problem 2.25 from the text.
  4. Problem 2.28 from the text.
  5. Problem 2.29 from the text.
  6. Problem 2.31 from the text.
  7. Problem 2.33 from the text.
  8. Problem 2.34 from the text.
  9. Problem 2.37 from the text.
  10. Problem 2.38 from the text.

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