EE 333

Homework Assignment 10
Due Oct. 31, 1997

  1. Problem 4.11 from the text.

  2. Problem 4.12 from the text. Note: The two spheres are both centered on the origin.

  3. The field inside a one-dimensional semiconductor pn junction is

    for 0 <= x <= xn. Here q is the absolute value of the charge of an electron, and ND is the number of donor impurity atoms per unit volume. Find the charge density.

  4. Find the electric field generated by the charge distribution

    Find the symmetry in the field, and use Gauss's law to calculate E.

  5. The fair-weather electrostatic field above the earth's surface has the empirical form

    where a, b, c and d are positive constants and z is the height above the surface.

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