EE 341

Homework Assignment 13
Due Dec. 1, 2004

  1. Problem 7.1.
  2. Problem 7.4. Use MATLAB to plot the amplitude and phase spectrum.
  3. Problem 7.5 (a) (f) (g) (h).
  4. Problem 7.6 (a).
  5. Problem 7.8. Note: Rx[n] = x[n]*x[-n].
  6. Problem 7.9 (a) (c) (e) (g). (Do (g) for (a), (c), (e)). Note: You can use the MATLAB function fft rather than the dft m-file to find the DFT.
  7. For the sequence x[n] of Problem 7.4 (b), use MATLAB to plot the 16-point DFT of the first 16 points of x[n], i.e,. x[n] for n = 0 through 15. Plot X(Omega) from 0 to 2 pi. Plot the 16-point DFT of x[n] on the same graph to compare the DFT of the truncated sequence to the DTFT.

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