EE 352

Homework Assignment 1
Due Aug. 31, 2001

You make work in groups on this. Turn in enough so that I can tell that you did the work (a copy of your program, a wiring diagram for (2), a list of inverted and non-inverted pins for (3).) Note: You may do the following using linux if you prefer.

  1. Compile and run the program hello.c in Getting Started with the DJGPP Compiler using gcc.

  2. Compile and run a program to write the data register and read the status register of the parallel port on your PC. Use a jumper to connect some pins to verify that the program works (e.g., connect 2-10, 3-11, 4-12, 5-13 and 6-15). Verify that the status changes as you write different numbers to the data register.

  3. Verify that some of the status inputs are inverted and others are not.

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