EE 352 Project 1

Parallel Port Communications

Set up a hardware and software protocol for communicating between two computers using their bi-directional parallel ports. One computer will be designated as the sending computer; the other as the receiving computer. Use the eight data lines to send the data; use the control and status lines for handshaking.

  1. Decide on a handshaking protocol.
  2. Wire a cable to implement your protocol.
  3. Write a program to transmit and receive data over the parallel port.
    1. If a filename is specified by the sending computer, send that file to the receiving computer. The receiving computer should create a file with the same file name.
    2. If no filename is specified, send anything from the standard input to the receiving computer. Decide on a method to name the file on the receiving computer.

Turn in the following:

  1. A diagram of how you wired your cable.
  2. A diagram and explanation of you handshaking protocol.
  3. The sending and receiving programs.
  4. Some indication that the projects worked.