EE 352 - Objectives

The objective of EE 352 is to have the student design and build an interface card for the IBM Personal Computer, and to program that card in the C language.

To accomplish this, the student will:

This will be a project-driven course. At the beginning of the course. The projects will be as follows:

  1. Learn to use the DJGPP C compiler under the DOS operating system.
  2. Learn to communicate with the PC parallel port using the DJGPP compiler.
  3. Write an interrupt-driven data-transfer program for the PC parallel port.
  4. Design and build a PC-bus interface to do parallel data transfers (similar to the standard PC parallel port).
  5. Design and build a PC-bus interface card to perform a more complicated function. Possible functions are A/D or D/A conversion, event timing, or other function agreed to by the instructor.

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