EE 451
Lab 5: Implementation of a Simple IIR Filter on the 56000

Start the difference equation

y(n) = x(n) + x(n-2) + 0.25 y(n-2)

The impulse response can be found by letting x(n) = delta(n):

h(n) = delta(n) + delta(n-2) + 0.25 h(n-2)

  1. Take the z-transform of the impulse response equation to find H(z).

  2. Find the frequency response H(w) of system by letting z = exp(j w).

  3. Plot the magnitude of H(w) vs. w and the phase of H(w) vs. w.

  4. Implement the difference equation on the 56002. Use the program from Lab 2 which reads data from the A/D and writes it to the D/A at 48 kHz. Between reading and writing the data, process it with the difference equation. On one channel of the D/A put out the processed data. On the other channel put out the unprocessed data.

  5. Use a 0.5 V P-P sine wave from your function generator. Measure and plot the amplitude and phase of the output from 100 Hz to 20 kHz. Compare to the plots of Part 4.

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