EE 451

Homework Assignment 9
Due Nov. 1, 1999

  1. Problem 7.28.

  2. Problem 7.31.

  3. A discrete-time low-pass filter is required to meet the following specifications:
    Passband edge: 4 kHz
    Stopband edge: 10 kHz
    Passband ripple: 1 dB
    Stopband attenuation: 40 dB
    Sampling frequency: 48 kHz
    1. Find the specifications for an continuous time low-pass filter which can be used as a prototype for the digital filter.
    2. Design the continuous-time prototype. I.e., find the transfer function for the continuous-time filter. Plot the pole-zero diagram and gain of the continuous-time filter. (Use the MATLAB function freqs to find the gain.)
    3. Use the bilinear transformation to get the discrete-time filter. Write down the transfer function. Plot the pole-zero diagram and gain of the discrete-time filter.

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