Summer 2018

OPT-400 Mathematical and Computational Optics will be running this summer to a full class. This course will be run in CANVAS!

Fall 2018

II am teaching OPT-410 Advanced Optics , EE-333 Electricity and Magnetism and EE-481 Senior Design this semster!

During the academic year usually I am teach classes in Karate and Concealed Carry with the Community Education program!

Spring 2019

I expect to be teaching EE-434 Electromagnetic Wave Transmission and Radiation, and OPT-300 Introduction to Optics.

Summer 2019

Should be a research summer maybe I can talk someone into letting me teach a thermo or ballistics course!

Useful information

Earning a graduate degree without the frustration, pain, irritation and annoyance The transition to graduate school can be a challenge for many students as it is a totally different experience with different priorities than the undergraduate degree. To try to make this adjustment less painful I put together a short presentation on how to make the experience a bit smoother.

MATLAB ® Primer: MATLABQuick Volume 1 This is a short MATLAB primer to provide some basic plotting techniques through introducing the histogram() function and a few others. This is short, to the point and aimed at getting users up to speed quickly on a basic programming approach.


The karate class has been taught at NMT since 2009 and has been very popular with a wide segment of our university community. More than 180 ranks have been earned across more than 60 students with 4 students having earned Black Belts.

Concealed Handgun Carry

The concealed handgun carry class is offered as a certification course through the Community Education Department at New Mexico Tech. This is a two day class normally offered over a single weekend one or two times a semester based on demand for the course. Typically class is held in November, April and July.

The course focuses primarily on the rules and statutes for carrying a concealed handgun in New Mexico. Basic firearms topics, safety considerations and other topics are part of the class. A portion of the course requires a live shooting qualification at a range to demonstrate safe firearm handling and proficiency.

The successful completion of this course is one of the requirements for a New Mexico Concealed Handgun License and requires the submission of an application and additional fees to the NMDPS. A complete set of requirements can be seen on the NMDPS website. You must attend the entire class to receive the completion certificate.

If you are interested in this course you are encouraged to visit me on campus. Be sure to have the registrar record an email address that you use regularly as all communications about the class will be through email.

Please note that the class portion is held on University property and no firearms or ammunition are permitted in the buildings. A CHC license does not permit carrying a firearm on a university campus.