EE 321 Lab

Read the lab before answering these questions.

1) Consider the `superdiode' shown in Figure 2.

2) Consider the "bridge" rectifier of Figure 3.

3) Consider the 'ripple' voltage for a full wave rectifier as you will measure in part 8. There will be a 5 k load and a 10 uf capacitor. First draw a figure of the waveform as in Fir 3.42 in Sedra and Smith with correct time and voltage scales (Vin = 10 V p-p).

Extra Credit - do this in the prelab so you can do the extra credit part of the lab. Analyze the extra credit circuit and show measured voltage is proportional to the average (not peak) of the absolute value of the input voltage. Find the constant of proportionality and complete the design.

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