3.105 modified.

First do the problem circuits as specified in the book.

Repeat all the circuits with RC=0.1ms.

Use PSpice to check the answers. First use R=2k and C=1uF. Use the transient analysis.

To make a square wave I used VPULSE with DC=0, AC=0, V1=-10, V2=10, TD=0 (delay time), TR=1us (rise time), TF=1us (fall time), PW=1ms (pulse width), PER=2ms (period).

Repeat the PSpice analysis with R=2k and C=0.01uF.

Here are some directions for getting started with the OrCad Pspice from our book CD. http://www.ee.nmt.edu/~thomas/ee321_f05/OrCad-PSPICE-Procedure.html