Objectives for EE321, Part 1, Signals, Amplifiers, and OP-AMPS

We will cover all of chapters 1 and 2, sections 1 and 2 in chapter 8 and Appendix F in Sedra and Smith.

The educational objectives for this part (the lectures, homework, labs and test will all be directed toward achieving these objectives) are:

    For Chapter 1

  1. Comprehend the way signals can be represented.
  2. Apply amplifier models and ideas.
  3. Analyze amplifiers interconnections using models.
  4. Analyze single-time-constant circuits.
  5. Graphically analyze the response of amplifiers.
  6. Design voltage dividers.

    The objectives for the second chapter apply to op-amps

  7. Comprehend data sheets, and the dc output changes due to offset voltage, and bias current changes.
  8. Analyze the dc output changes due to input resistance and output resistance.
  9. Analyze the dynamical effects of f_t, slew rate and saturation.
  10. Design circuits using the standard configurations.