EE322 HW


In this homework we will calculate and use PSpice to simulate the noise measured in the lab.

Pspice noise analysis. The figure shows how to use PSpice for noise analysis. In the lab the scope will measure the total peak-to-peak noise over the spectrum from f-min to f-max. f-min is determined by the total sampled period (10X the time resolution - if the resolution is 1 ms/div then f-min = 1/10ms = 100 Hz). f-max is determined by the scope sample rate.

The noise output V(onoise) needs to be integrated over the spectrum. In probe S means integration. The RMS noise is the integrated value at the high frequencies. In the figure use the cursor to find the RMS noise voltage to be 4.6 mV.

Use PSpice to simulate all the lab measurements except the last one with the zener. Assume that peak-to-peak noise will be 8X the RMS value.

Use the theory in Horowitz and Hill and in "Op-amps for everyone" to calculate the expected measurements.