EE 322

Lab 8: Voltage-Controlled Voltage Source Filters

In this lab we will experiment with a simple 2-pole low pass filter, as implemented by the `voltage-controlled voltage source' (VCVS) configuration. The VCVS filter is discussed in Sections 5.06 and 5.07 of Horowitz and Hill; you have also seen it in the circuit theory lab. It has the nice feature that the pole locations of the transfer function in the s-domain can be varied by changing the amplifier gain (see below), without changing the radius of the poles from the origin. We will use this feature to determine the effect of varying the pole locations upon the frequency and transient response of the filter.


The Lab
  1. The basic configuration of the low-pass VCVS filter is as shown below.
  2. Chebyshev and Bessel Filters

    Don't change the R's and C's that determine fc.

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