Objectives for EE324, Part 1.

We will cover chapter 1-4 in Streetman

 The educational objectives for this part (the lectures, homework, labs and test will all be directed toward achieving these objectives) are:

    For Chapter 1
  1. Comprehend crystal structure and the diamond lattice.
  2. Comprehend crystal growth process.
  3. Comprehend crystal lattice matching.
  4. Apply crystal structure to find density and the number of atoms.
  5. For Chapter 2

  6. Comprehend observations that made quantum mechanics necessary.
  7. Comprehend models of the atom and how the periodic table is built.
  8. Apply the energy method to solve basic physics problems.
  9. Analyze wave solution to the potential well.
  10. For Chapter 3

  11. Comprehend the relationship between energy bands and conduction.
  12. Comprehend electrons and holes in terns of wave functions.
  13. Comprehend how temperature and doping changes conductivity.
  14. Comprehend the hall effect.
  15. Apply the Fermi distribution to find conduction electrons and holes.
  16. Design material with a desired conductivity.
  17. For Chapter 4

  18. Comprehend creation process for excess carriers.
  19. Comprehend loss process for excess carriers.
  20. Comprehend motion of excess carriers.
  21. Apply continuity equation to find the carrier concentration.
  22. Apply the Einstein relation to find the diffusion coefficient.