EE 212 Lab
Lab 13: Step Responses of RC and RLC Circuits

 Prelab 13

In this lab step responses of RC and RLC circuits will be generated and studied.

1. Construct the circuit shown in figure 1. 

Predicted Measured
Initial Value, vout(0)    
Final (steady-state) Value, vout,ss = vout()    
10% - 90% Rise Time, Tr    
(Within 5%) Settling Time, Ts     
Percent Overshoot, 100%(peak value - vout,ss) / vout,ss    
Time Constant, t    

2. Determine values of R, L, and C for the circuit shown in figure 3 so that the step response is a damped sinusoid with an exponential decay governed by a s of 10(i.e. the damped sinusoidal response goes to e-1 of its final value in 10 m-seconds) and a frequency of 1MHz. Use the value of L in your parts kit, i.e., 0.47mH or 0.68mH.

Predicted Measured
Initial Value    
Final Value    
Rise Time    
Settling Time (within 5%)    
Percent Overshoot    


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