Final Presentations

Date Scheduled: S 04/27/2002 at 9:00am in Workman 101

Audience: Gear towards technically capable group of supervisors, sponsors, and colleagues. Family, friends, faculty, and staff are welcome.

Dress: Business casual, i.e., nicely dressed and no jeans, shorts, t-shirts.

Presentation Order: Team A (chassis, navigation, ball/hole location, communication) followed by Team B (chassis, navigation, ball/hole location, communication).

Allotted Presentation Time (including questions): 20 minutes.

Presentation Equipment Available: Computer projector running PowerPoint 97 and regular overhead projector. PowerPoint presentations should be given to Drs. Rison and Wedeward by 5:00pm F 04/26/2002

Presentation Objective: Inform your supervisors, sponsors, and colleagues about your solution to the assigned task.

Final Presentation Grading:

Presentation Items: