Ethics Study

Due: Tu 02/17

  1. Read through the codes of ethics for IEEE and NSPE.
    1. In general, do the codes emphasize the same conduct?
    2. Are there differences in the codes in terms of valuing certain kinds of behavior or styles of language?
    3. If differences exist, can they be attributed to the missions of the societies?
    4. Pick three guidelines from either code of ethics that you feel are relevent to the class's design project. How will they influence your design and the process of design?
  2. There is discussion on whether manufacturers of cell phones and audio players should limit the volume of those devices to prevent loss of hearing. See this discussion, for example.
    1. What are the regulations for volume levels in various parts of the world?
    2. Typically, volume levels are given in dB. What is dB, and at what levels of exposure does damage to hearing occur? Do the regulations seem to be based upon these levels?
    3. Should designers of audio devices consider potential damage to hearing?
    4. What should the designer do if he or she feels that the regulations are not strict enough, and if followed could cause damage to hearing?
    5. Who are the parties affected by the decision to limit volume and how are they affected?
    6. If new regulations are pending, should you consider those in your design?
    7. If new regulations are put into place, should you retrofit your device if not required to do so?
  3. Shoot for four pages or less with this assignment.