EE 382: Introduction to Design


  1. Greg Mansfield, office: Workman 245
  2. Kevin Wedeward, office: Workman 221, phone: x5708, e-mail:, web-page:

Time/Place: TR 02:00pm-05:00pm in Workman 109 (for lectures and presentations) and Workman 116/187 (for work on project).

Office Hours: TWR 10:30am-12:00pm


  1. EE 308 and EE 308L (microcontrollers)
  2. EE 321 and EE 321L (analog electronics)
  3. EE 333 (electricity and magnetism)
  4. EE 341 (signals and linear systems)
  5. Declared electrical engineering as a major

Description: A course in design methodology as applied to a particular problem in electrical engineering. For a given project, students will integrate their formal course work with the use of computer-aided tools to design, construct, evaluate, and document a prototype system.

Goals: Students enrolled in EE 382 will

  1. work in teams,
  2. implement key aspects of a design process,
  3. design and build a prototype electronic system,
  4. conduct experiments to characterize and verify design,
  5. communicate aspects of the design process through oral presentations and written documents, and
  6. manage the design process.

Project: Outdoor robot to remotely locate RF beacon (aka Direction Finding Robot) - Design an outdoor robot capable of navigating a given, unobstructed area to remotely locate a 438MHz RF beacon. Location of the beacon will be computed as longitude and latitude along with a circular error probability (CEP).

Schedule and Grading:

Parts Provided:

  1. Dagu Wild Thumper 4WD all-terrain chassis
  2. Pololu high-power motor drivers 18v15
  3. Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) batteries
  4. Battery charger (to be shared by class)
  5. TI.15.3113 433MHz ISM Band Dipole Antenna purchased from Digi-Key
  6. ZX95-470A+ 410-470MHz Voltage Controlled Oscillator purchased from Mini-Circuits




  1. Derrick, Kalyn, Brett, Juan, John
  2. Katherine, Patrick, Wayne, Ryan
  3. Wesley, Nicholas, William, Kevin, Matthew

Lecture Schedule: