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EE451 Digital Signal Processing Lab


EE 451 Labs

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Schedule for Fall 2008

Number Title Pre-Lab Dates

Introduction to TI's TMS320C6713 DSK Digital Signal Processing Board

2 Data Acquisition   9/10/08
3 Interrupts and Visualization Tools   9/17/08
4 Sound Processing Pre-lab 9/24/08
5 FIR Filter Design Pre-lab 10/8/08
6 IIR Filter Design Pre-lab 10/22/08
7 AM Modulator/Demodulator Pre-lab 11/5/08
8 Image Registration Pre-lab 11/19/08
9 Makeup   12/3/08

Support Files (From Chassaing & Reay)

 dsk6713.h (bit definitions and function prototype)

dsk6713_aic23.h (AIC23 default configurations, sampling frequency definitions)

dsk6713config.h (C6713 DSK definitions)

c6713dsk.cmd (linker command file)


Support Files for Lab 6 (IIR Filter Design)

butterworth coefficients (computed by Colton)


Support Files for Lab 8 (Image Registration)

Reference and Target images (from Mitra)

ImRef.h and ImTar.h header files





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