Research Interests






EE481, 481L Senior Design Teams



  Assignment of the projects was based on your 1st. and 2nd. choice of your ranking


  Project 1: Expressive Stereoscopic Vision Tracker

  Scott Cason, Furqan Chiragh, Nathan Goulding, Jason Hamlet, Arthur Hassall

  Faculty Advisor: Dr. Thomas

  Customer:  Baker Adaptive Optics


  Project 2:Light-Gas Gun Control

  Cole Brinkley, Alejandro Gauna, John Montoya, Micah Yates, Mehdi Zisah

  Faculty Advisor: Dr. Rison

  Customer: Los Alamos National Laboratory


  Project 3: Automatic Trigger for High Speed Digital Video Systems

  Emanuel Allen, Ian Hamblin, Nicholas O'Connor, Nicholas Targhetta, Phil Velasquez

  Faculty Advisor: Dr. Xiao

  Customer: New Tech


  Project 4:A Tunable Band-Pass Filter for LMA 

  Adam Church, Jacob Dostal, Atta Gueye, Cheyenne Hollowhorn

  Faculty Advisor: Dr. El-Osery

  Customer: Department of Electrical Engineering, New Mexico Tech


  Project 5: Interface Development for Real-Time Control of an Aerially...

  Max Charbornneau, Joe Craig, Ivan Mecimore, Maxwell Sandford, Jared Simon

  Faculty Advisor: Dr. Bond

  Customer: U.S. Department of Agriculture


  Project 6: Surface Water/Ground Water Monitoring ...

  Stian Aafloy, Nathaniel Begay, Alex Franklin, Hector Malagon, Chance Rogers

  Faculty Advisor: Dr. Wedeward

  Customer: Department of Earth and Environmental Science, New Mexico Tech




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