Research Interests






EE481, 481L Senior Design Teams



Assignment of the projects was based on your 1st. and 2nd. choice of your ranking


Project A: Polarization Steerable Ku-Band Uplink Antenna

Lee Baker, Thomas Baltes, Ivan Bow, Matthew Briggs, Michael Pace

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Bond

Customer:  BigCrow, KAFB


Project B: Ethernet-Based Lens Control System

Ariel Gardner, Alexander George, Eric Makarewicz, Philip Pinkston, Andrew Targetta

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Thomas

Customer: NewTech, WSMR


Project C: Canless Soda Vending Machine

Patrick Bastien, Anthony Duran, Philip Lopez, Jaisy Perreault, Stephen Trumbull, Daniel Winters

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Rison

Customer: cSol Corporation


Project D: Low Cost System for Guidance of Unmanned Aircraft 

Jamison London, Karina Munoz, Steven Myers, Michael Pursley, Christopher Whited, Michael Zaw

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Arechiga

Customer: Socorro Chile Proppers


Project E: Farm Power System Design Project

Philip Darrow, Rhett Lawrence, Darla LeBlanc, Eleazar Martinez, Patricio Pino

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Jorgensen

Customer: Yarbrough Farms




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