Research Interests






EE592 Graduate Seminar

Localization in Wireless Sensor Networks Using Received Signal Strength

Jamie Christy

New Mexico Tech

February 11, 4:00 pm, Jones Annex 101


Lightning Generated By Erupting Volcanoes,  Measurements From 3 Recent Eruptions

Prof. Ron Thomas

New Mexico Tech

February 25, 4:00 pm, Workman 101


Current Science and Engineering Projects at White Sands Missile Range

Dr. David Soules

Joint EE/Physics

Vice President - Engineering, NewTec

March 25, 4:00 pm, Jones Annex 101


Artificial Neural Networks Modeling of Human Memory

Craig Vineyard

Sandia National Laboratories

April 8, 4:00 pm, Jones Annex 101





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