Ronald J Thomas

Professor Electrical Engineering

Adjunct Faculty Physics

New Mexico Tech


Ph.D. in E.E., Atmospheric Physics, Utah State University.
M.S. in Physics, Utah State University.
B.S. in E.E., New Mexico State University.


EE322, Spring 2009
EE324, Spring 2009

Schedule for Spring 2009

EE321, Fall 2007
EE324, Fall 2007

EE322 and Lab, Spring 2007

EE321 and Lab, Fall 2006
EE322 and Lab, Spring 2006

EE321 and Lab, Fall 2005
EE322 and Lab, Spring 2005
I enjoy teaching and working with students. Teaching undergraduate electrical engineering is a challenge, there is always something new to learn. Working with students and helping them learn is interesting.

Research Interests

LIGHTNING Lightning Mapping project - New York Times article (what I did last (2000) summer)

Publications - Presentations - Upper atmosphere links - Lightning links

Electrical Engineering Department
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